Vision Therapy Testimonials

When our daughter was in kindergarten her teachers noticed that she had a hard time staying on task. In first grade, the focusing problem continued, in addition, at the end of first grade it was clear that she was struggling with writing and reading. Her letters were all over the place, she was reading, but skipped lines and words. We took our daughter to the ophthalmologist every year and she was deemed to have perfect vision. Her teacher hinted that she could have a behavior problem such as ADHD, or dyslexia, or/and dysgraphia. The teacher recommended that we had our daughter tested for learning disabilities. When we approached a psychiatrist about testing, she recommended that we first tried a handwriting tutor.

During the handwriting evaluation the tutor realized that there was something wrong with our daughter’s vision and recommended seeking an optometrist to evaluate for vision deficits. We found Dr. Berger while searching for vision therapy providers. We will be forever thankful to the tutor, and to Dr. Berger and her staff.

We reached out to Dr. Berger by email. In addition to responding right away, she sent me a handwritten letter with several brochures about vision therapy. She was careful to let us know that our daughter needed to be evaluated to better understand her needs. Although Dr. Berger was booked for 3 months, she fitted us in within a week. As soon as she started the exam it was clear that our daughter had a vision problem. I wanted to cry, my daughter had told me several times that her eyes were tricking her, I had noticed her head movements while reading, and I knew that she couldn’t catch a ball.

Dr. Berger patiently explained what conversion insufficiency was and how vision therapy could help. An evaluation was performed, and the results showed that my daughter’s vision was delayed by about 2 years. We started the therapy right away. Erin took our daughter as her patient and we couldn’t be happier. Everyone at the office is invested in making sure all the kids succeed. They are thrilled to see everyone get and feel better.

After about 6 months doing vision therapy, our daughter went from failing in school, having low self­esteem, having problems focusing, not wanting to play with other children; to a child who is confident and determined. She is comfortable in school, she is more talkative, she participates in class and is not afraid of playing with the other students. As parents, we went from worrying that our child had learning disabilities to seeing her thrive in school. There are no words to express our gratitude to Dr. Berger and her staff. Vision therapy has given our daughter the long-term skills she needs to open many doors in her future.

My son started struggling in school in 2nd grade. His teachers reported that he was slow at reading and having issues with grammar and phonics. We took him for a psychological/education assessment in 3rd grade. The report said that he had some distractibility issues. The psychologist thought that he could have had some dyslexia, but he was bright enough to overcome it. Our son worked with Orton Gillingham tutors and there was improvement. The next year, he started having a hard time with math and we hired a math tutor. Although he performed below his abilities on standardized tests, he was still doing well in school. All his teachers commented on our son’s intelligence, great enthusiasm, creativity and work ethic. We just felt like he was having to work too hard.

In the spring of 5th grade (2014), we had an occupational therapist do an evaluation of our son, who was then 11 years old. Our son had reported that his left hand hurt when he wrote. The issue of graphomoter skills had been noted in his earlier educational assessment, but we focused on the other areas first. The occupational therapist confirmed that he had a “low resting tremor” and weakness in his left hand, but to our great surprise he also reported that our son had a problem with eye convergence insufficiency. At about 6 inches, his left eye separated and did not remain focused. Our son told the therapist that he sometimes saw double images when he was reading and that he lost track of the lines. The therapist said that this eye convergence insufficiency could cause problems with reading and writing. He recommended that we pursue vision therapy and referred us to Dr. Sharon Berger and Roswell Eye Clinic. No previous eye examinations or educational assessments had revealed this issue.

Around the same time that he was evaluated by the occupational therapist, our son’s fifth-grade teachers told us that he was having trouble maintaining his attention in class. We were convinced that attention issues (and the vision issues) had also impacted his performance on standardized tests. We also pursued nutritional counseling and medication for the distractibility problem.

In June, 2014, Dr. Berger tested our son’s vision. She confirmed the eye convergence insufficiency and she also found that he was slightly far-sighted. Our son began to wear reading glasses in the classroom. He had about twelve vision therapy sessions from June, 2014 through Spring, 2015. In a reevaluation done in early 2015, Dr. Berger and the vision therapist, Melissa Snyder, reported that the eye convergence insufficiency had been corrected. After this reevaluation, our son had a few more maintenance therapy sessions, and now he just has annual checkups.

The results from vision therapy were phenomenal for our son. In sixth grade, there were no reports of distractibility from his teachers. His standardized test scores tripled and he did well enough to be invited to apply to the Duke TIPS program. He got into his first choice school for 7th grade and he is absolutely thriving at his new school. He recently won a Writer of the Week award for a short story he wrote and he is doing well in all subjects. He still has the organization and attention problems of most 13 year-old boys, but we know that he is on the right track. We only have to remind him occasionally to wear his reading glasses!

When my younger daughter reported that she was having problems seeing the blackboard in class and her school admissions testing showed that her score in visual processing was lower than all her other scores, I immediately scheduled an appointment with Dr. Berger. Dr. Berger found that our daughter was also slightly far-sighted and had difficulties in transitioning her focus from reading to seeing things farther away. She was also below average in visual processing speed. We went home with some “readers” for my daughter and I then brought her in for a shorter program of six or seven vision therapy sessions. Her reading speed and her desire to read have both increased.

Our hearts are full of gratitude to Dr. Berger and Melissa Snyder for all they have done to improve our children’s lives. Although I didn’t relish the one-hour round trip from home and the many Saturday mornings that I spent at Roswell Eye Clinic, I know it was one of the best contributions I have made to my children’s futures. While I sat in the hall off the vision therapy room, I devoured all of the pamphlets on the wall. I took copies to learning specialists at my son’s school. I often find myself wondering what happens to the kids who never get diagnosed with vision issues. I’m just glad that my kids got that extra help they needed at a critical time in their lives. Thank you!

My son hated to read, did not like school, and felt like he was stupid.

Once we figured out that he had a problem with tracking the decoding westarted vision therapy.

Ms. Melissa is fantastic. She was very patient with my son and tried hard to find exercises that would interest him.

Since completing vision therapy, my son is a happier child, he likes school, likes to read, and has seen a huge improvement in his grades.

We cannot thank Ms. Melissa enough for all her help. My son is on a great track for the rest of his life.

Thank you!!

When I was in kindergarten, I couldn’t see as well as all my classmates. It affected my spelling, writing, and reading. When the teachers in my grades through elementary school would call on me, I would never know where I was in the books and work. School never got better for me until the fifth grade because the other kids thought I was different.It was even much harder when I had to move schools twice. When the first time I walked into the eye clinic I was very scared of the people and technology. When I was little, I was very shy so it was hard to meet new people. Now I’m in seventh grade, I have a best friend Laney and I feel complete. Thank you Roswell Eye Clinic. You made my life easier. Thank you!

To the Doctors and Vision Therapy Professionals at Roswell Eye Clinic:

We are writing to express our thanks to your practice for the excellent standard of care provided to all our family members here in Roswell. Our gratitude is especially extended to you for the exemplary manner in which our 4 year old daughter’s special care needs were met with immeasurable patience, understanding, and optimistic support shown during our journey toward recovery following her diagnosis with Strabismus and Esotropia. Her eyesight is now completely normal, thanks to your treatment program!

Like many parents, we had a child who passed all the normal vision exams given for youngsters at the Pediatricians office. Unknown to us, the usual eye chart tests and other conventional methods employed were not adequate to reveal the underlying problems in her vision. Only later, when one eye began to turn in toward her nose, did we seek out a professional vision exam. Thank goodness that we did not decide to “wait it out” in the hope that time would resolve her misalignment.

Your rapid and accurate diagnosis was instrumental in laying the groundwork for the Vision Therapy treatments that gradually restored her eyes to normal alignment. Just as important was the consistently excellent care that she received by your staff of Therapists — their dedication to children and their vision care is amazing. Our daughter found a lot more than a way to see properly again while in their care — she experienced support and encouragement that has shown great benefits in her overall development. We can give our complete confidence to other families who are starting out on the path to correcting a child’s vision problems through the care provided at Roswell Eye Clinic.

We also encourage parents to take advantage of the diagnostic exams available today that can help prevent a potentially serious condition from developing. Our family is extremely thankful for all the Doctors, Therapists and staff at Roswell Eye Clinic!

Prior to seeing Dr. Sharon Berger, our daughter would not focus on any task. She was on her Dynavox, not able to identify pictures accurately, catch a ball, or look someone in the eye. After speaking with Dr. Berger and receiving an eye exam it was determined that she needed eyeglasses. We were shocked! We had no idea that her vision was a problem. After about 6 months (really 30 days), we saw immediate improvement. She looks at you when you are speaking to her, can correctly identify pictures on her Dynavox and she can focus on an object and not turn away.

We didn’t know vision played such a huge part in her development and are thankful we know now.

I enjoyed every part of eye therapy. Ms. Melissa was soooo nice. She gave me many fun and hard activities to strengthen my eyes. We did matching games with cards and we played different board games to help my eyes work together. We also did a lot of activities to help my eyes focus, such as, near/far reading, flipper glasses, the red button game, and some computer eye games.

I used to wear reading glasses but ever since I went to eye therapy, I have not needed to use them as much. It helped me tremendously.

Eye therapy enabled me to enhance my eyes through fun activities while strengthening my focus. Ms. Melissa, my therapist, was very understanding and adjusted the therapy to meet my needs. We played a variety of games, such as a beanbag toss and a bounce and catch game. The office contains a variety of materials, ranging from games to computer programs to white boards.
Eye therapy helped improve my soccer game. Before I went to eye therapy, I saw two soccer balls out of one. Now I see one and I can head the ball better. Prior to going, I also struggled with headaches at school. Roswell Eye Clinic provided the help I needed. I wish them all the best and continued success in the future.

We were referred to Dr. Sharon Berger by an occupational therapist for vision therapy. My son was 4 ½ years old when he began and we spent a little over a year going to vision therapy with Dr. Melissa. he is now reading at a pace of 90 words per minute — similar to the level of a 4th grader — and he’s just finishing 1st grade!

On cognitive tests, he has visual-spatial & pattern recognition. I’m confident that the therapy was part of my son’s success in these areas.

Last spring we discovered that Ben had Convergence Insufficiency. We were not surprised — he hated reading, had trouble reading aloud, and was falling behind in ELA in school. We spent almost 7 months in vision therapy with Melissa and Rochelle. They were fabulous with Ben and helpful explaining to teachers at school how CI impacted him and how to accommodate his needs. We practiced at home and slowly, but surely, Ben improved. He really enjoys reading now — even sitting down for a ½ hour at a time to read without even being told to do so! Sometimes I find him curled up on the couch with a book!

Dear Dr. Berger and the team at Roswell Eye Clinic:

I am writing to thank you all for the tremendous work you have done for him. When we started the treatment he had difficulty aligning and tracking with his eyes. This difficulty resulted in many troubles for him including reading, writing, and general tasks around the classroom. The treatment was conducted in a most efficient and rapid manner with astounding results. The comprehensive home exercise program, put together by Melissa, allowed us to work whenever we had free time. He rapidly realized the benefits and would even chase us if we had forgotten to complete the required exercises! This is the most beneficial treatment that we have ever undertaken and we have absolutely no doubts in fully recommending the Roswell Eye Clinic to any family experiencing any eye problems. He is now doing very well at school and is a much happier guy as a result of completing this program.

Thank you for all your help.

Best Regards

In 1995, she was in sixth grade and began vision therapy. She is 30 years old and teaches at High Meadows School. Not only did vision therapy help her eyesight, it helped her gain self confidence in every aspect of her life. It also helps her today as a teacher in identifying possible vision problems in her students. Parents of these students have been appreciatve of her insight and knowledge of vision disorders. Through her recommendation to her parents of possible vision thearpy, she is able to reach out to so many students, hopefully building their confidences for a better student and succesfful endeavors. Thank you, Dr. Berger!!

Dr. Berger,

I would like to thank you for making our child’s life a lot easier. We had always suspected he had a problem of some kind but were always told he was perfectly fine when his eyes were examined. We had taken him to difference types of doctors for years trying to diagnose his problem. He is a bright child, yet getting continuous good grades was always a struggle.

I must admit, I was very skeptical when we found out about the therapy your facility offered. I am so thankful now that we decided to proceed with the therapy. Barbara was EXCELLENT. Although he hated the thought of therapy at first, he became enthusiastic about it once he realized he could visualize much easier. Barbara made the tasks fun for him. The change was almost immediate. Within about 4 weeks, the teachers even noticed a drastic change. His work was completed on time, he could take notes from the board easier, and his grades went up. For the first time since he’d been in school, he received all A’s. His confidence has grown and life at home has become pleasant since we don’t have to fuss at him to get his homework done. THANK YOU!! We only wish we would have known about this years before. If you ever have someone as skeptical as we were, we’ll be glad to ease their concern. The therapy was well worth the time and money.

Dear Dr. Berger,

You examined my son in October of last year and recommended that he begin eye therapy. He started receiving vision therapy immediately thereafter with Barbara, one of the therapists. I must admit although I was hopeful, I was also somewhat skeptical and extremely concerned about the expense.

Monday, he brought home his report card. He has improved in every subject! Not only have his grades imrpoved, but his attitude as well. His inability to read accurately was causing him to be quiet, withdrawn, and almost hopeless at school. Now, after receiving positive reinforcement, in the form of his report card, he is eager to learn again. He wants to do ohis homework, he wants to go to school, and best of all, his self esteem is so much better. You and your staff have helped regain him regain the road to learning again!

Barbara is simply wonderful! She is always upbeat and energetic. She motivates him to practice at home, and makes all of his sessions enjoyable. I also enjoy working with her during the time she explains his therapy to me. She is definitely a gem!

Thank you so much for all of the help and encouragemnet your office has given to him. It has made a big difference in our lives!