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What Is Opticwash?

Your shirt may get rid of that smudge for the time being, but the truth is you’re actually just polishing the oils or dirt on your glasses. Articles of clothing carry dust particles that can be depressed into the glass, ultimately scratching your lenses while doing absolutely nothing to remedy the underlying issue of removing bacteria build-up on the nose, bridge, or stems of the glasses.

Opticwash is the world’s first automated kiosk dedicated to cleaning and sanitizing eyewear and jewelry. Eyeglasses are some of the world’s most commonly used (and germ-infested) items. Opticwash clean sand removes bacteria build-up from eyewear and leaves surfaces free of fingerprints smudges, oil residue, makeup and dust.


  • Kills 99% of all bacteria
  • Uses no chemicals or heat
  • Uses only 2 lbs. of water pressure
  • Cleans areas you cannot
  • Guaranteed not to harm your eyewear or jewelery
Illustration of glasses and water that says "Car wash for your glasses"

Star House Foundation logoHow Much Does Opticwash Cost?

Opticwash is free but we ask you to make a donation to STAR House Foundation.